13 thoughts on “THE PAMIRS”

  1. Hi you two. Glad your journey is going well. Now winter has arrived I hope you will find good host’s to keep you warm at night. Reading your stories allows us to get a new perspective on the other parts of the world. Stay safe 🙂

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    1. Thank you! We’re trying to escape the worst of the winter by going south but I’m sure there’ll still be some cold nights. Take care!


  2. Guys, your stories are incredible!
    I don’t know how you deal with it, I’d be terrified of being stuck in the middle of nowhere, 100km to nearest town, freezing temperatures and uncyclable roads.
    Well done!

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  3. I couldn’t put the blog down until I finished reading it. So many adventures! Yes, stay warm and look after yourselves! All the best for the next part. Xxx

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  4. Wow! What absolutely incredible adventures you two are having. It’s heartwarming to hear about the generosity of the people along your route, and nice to hear you are being looked after in between the crazy and remote stretches. Keep enjoying yourselves xx

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  5. Unbelievable impressions Linda and William. I enjoy your anecdotes in between the lines, which makes for very humorous reading along with the impressive photos and stories of the people your meeting. Quite fantastic. Enjoy your super trip furthermore and keep going!


  6. it’s so exciting to read your report after i have done exactly the same trip eight years ago. i recognize every single place and stretch you’re referring to as well as the feelings and thoughts you mention in particular moments and challenges. on my silkroad tour from cologne/germany to singapore the pamir highway was definitely the most exciting stretch of the whole trip.

    i haven’t done as sophisticated stats as yours but i remember that my shortest daily trip there was about 33 km after langar ending though at a very nice spot where i pitched my tent: the mouth of a little creek into the pamir river, afghanistan in sight only less then ten meters across the river.

    unfortunately my – german speaking – blog has been hacked and is only available as a stripped-down version in the web-archive under:

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    1. Aw that’s so cool, and glad you enjoyed reading about our version of the trip you did! It’s amazing to think that with how much must have changed in eight years in terms of technological advances and probably places like Singapore have changed a fair bit as well, but the Pamirs are still pretty much the same. We’ll make sure to check out your blog soon!

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