Our flight from New Zealand to North America signified the beginning of the end – the last continent before returning to Europe. We switched from the Southern Hemisphere’s summer to the Northern Hemisphere’s winter, and with it lost about four hours of daylight every day. The time of year had been the main factor in … Continue reading THE WILD WEST


New Zealand: one of the last major landmasses to be settled by humans due to its remoteness. The Māori, whose Polynesian ancestors first settled the country in the 13th century, named it Aotearoa, “the land of the long white cloud”. Today, around five million people live in New Zealand – not a whole lot, compared … Continue reading AOTEAROA


“After cycling for 15 months, for some strange reason, Tim and Linda decided they would ditch their perfectly functional bicycles and ride a tandem around Australia. They arranged to have the tandem shipped to Darwin and we collected it and stored it until they arrived”, our Warmshowers host in Darwin wrote about us in his … Continue reading THE STUART HIGHWAY


Let us bombard you with some ~fun~ facts first: At over 260 million people, Indonesia is the world’s 4th most populous country after China, India and the United States, it has the largest Muslim population in the world, and one of its more than 17,000 islands, Java, is the world’s most populous island. The distance … Continue reading HELLO MISTER!


Borneo is the world’s third-largest island and is divided among three countries: Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei. Our original plan to get to Borneo had been to catch a ferry from Bintan Island, just south of Singapore, to Pontianak in Kalimantan, the Indonesian part of Borneo. As this ferry wasn’t operating and there was no information … Continue reading BORNEO


Globally, we each consume an average of eight kilogrammes of palm oil a year. 85 % of palm oil is produced in Indonesia and Malaysia, so it’s not surprising that a lot of the landscapes we passed through when cycling across the Malay Peninsula from north to south was dominated by oil palms. It’s a … Continue reading A WORLD OF PALM